Some Of Our Completed Projects:

Route 8 Sanitary Sewer Extension

Route 8 in Union City is undergoing the installation of approximately 965 feet of HDPE and 374 feet of PVC sanitary sewer, including manholes and service connections.

East Avenue Water Main Replacement

Located on Erie's east side , this project will replace approximately 1,100' of water main on East Avenue and East 12th Street.

Perkins Drive/Low Ridge Lane 8" Water Main Replacement

This Lake County, Ohio project involves the replacement of 8" water main, along with the related service connections and restoration.

Pleasant Ridge Park Water Storage Tank Construction

We are in the process of the construction of a unique glass-fused-to-steel potable water storage tank along with the installation of 5,100 LF of ductile iron pipe water line, valves, and hydrant assemblies at Fairview Township's Pleasant Ridge Park.

West 29th Street Water Main Project

Located in Ashtabula Ohio, this project includes 1,700 LF of 12" water main, along with fire hydrants and gate valves.

East 2nd Street Water Main Replacement Project

Under contract with the Erie Water Works, Chivers Construction is installing approximately 750 feet of water main along East 2nd Street in the city of Erie, serving downtown features such as UPMC Hamot and the Magee-Women's Hospital.

Bradford Water Line Replacement

Chivers Construction was the general contractor for the replacement of 12" and 14" cast iron water mains with 20" diameter PVC water lines on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford.

East 38th Street Water Main Replacement

This project involves the installation of approximately 5,150 lf of varying sizes of water main piping along East 38th Street in Erie, PA.

Manchester Sewage Lift Station Reconstruction

Installation of 8 and 12 inch diameter PVC gravity sewer, 10 inch diameter PVC force main sewer, the construction of a new sewage pump station, and including precast concrete manholes and other restoration items for Fairview Township.

East Lake Road Water Main Replacement, Phase 3

We are replacing 8,350 LF of 16'', 12'', 8'', 6'' and 4'' ductile iron water mains along East Lake Road in Erie County.

Walnut Creek Marina West Revetment, East Bin Wall, South Retaining Wall Channel & Marina Deepening

This project with Pennsylvania's Department of General Services includes the demolition, replacement, creation and extension of the slope revetment where Walnut Creek empties into Lake Erie.

Moraine Camplands Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

As a campground serving 800 families each summer, Moraine Camplands has to keep their systems up-to-date and running smoothly. Beginning in November 2016, Chivers Construction will begin a seven-month project to upgrade the campground's sewer treatment plant.

Harborcreek 2016 Sanitary Lateral Rehabilitation Project

Located in Harborcreek Township, this project includes replacing 2,500 LF of sanitary lateral using a combination of slip lining and open cut excavations.

Stonycreek Township Sanitary Sewers

This is actually a combination of three separate contracts in the Johnstown area that includes the sliplining of a total of 86,000 lf of sanitary sewer pipe and rehabilation of about 1,600 manholes.

Sanford Road Bridge Replacement

Removal of a bridge over Interstate 90, including construction of a new roadway, drainage, guide rail removal, landscaping, signage and pavement markings.

Route 8 Pump Station Project

Construction of a 50-foot diameter glass lined bolted steel tank, two (2) duplex submersible sewage pump stations, manholes, vaults, gravity sewer, water main, standby generator procurement, retaining wall, chain link fencing, and site work.

Sanitary Sewer for Route 97 Pump Station

Extension of the force main from the pump station site across Walnut Creek and Interstate 90 to an interconnection with the existing 12" ductile iron force main on Old Perry Highway.

Neshannock Sewage Treatment Plant

Three pump stations including site prep, tank installation, manholes, yard piping, wet well/valve vault, access roads & parking area and concrete pads.

Connect Beach 1 to Municipal Sewage, Presque Isle State Park

Erie's own Presque Isle is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, trails, and picnic areas in the Northeast. This project keeps the park's system connected with 18,500 lf of HDPE pipe and new grinder pumps.

Reservoir Road Water Supply Facilities

Located in Albion PA, this project includes the general construction of a concrete water storage tank, site work, piping, pump station in masonry building and related work.

Rehabilitate Sewage System, Pleasant Valley at Moraine State Park

This project involves the installation of a sewage duplex pump station with pumping equipment and controls and 2,100 lf of 4 inch HDPE sewer force main, including the demolition of an existing pump station & the installation of 1,500 lf 6" HDPE gravity sewer line.

Slippery Rock Wastewater Treatment Plant

Improvements are underway at Slippery Rock's wastewater treatment plant, from the demolition of existing facilities and the installation and testing of treatment equipment, general site and plant work, and the construction of a 1,200,000 gallon per day extended aeration, secondary treatment plant and laboratory facilities.

Grove City Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation, Phase II

Chivers is currently constructing the second phase of this treatment plant project, which includes replacing wooden baffles with fiberglass, piping, valves & gates replacement and installation of a second UV Disinfection System.

Holland Street Slip Bulkhead Wall Rehabilitation

Stabilization of approximately 1,080 feet of deteriorated timber crib bulkhead wall sections at the southeast and southwest dock areas, including drilled inclined rock anchor tiebacks and a steel sheet pile wall structure with compacted fill.

North East Sewer Project

This project involves the extension of approximately 9,000 lf of sanitary sewer along Route 89 and Shadduck Road and 15,000 lf of sanitary sewer along South Cemetery Road in North East Township.

Woodshire Subdivision Area Sanitary Sewer

Extending Millcreek Township's sanitary sewer service to this area involves 7,500 lf of gravity sewer, 1,700 lf of sewer laterals, 1 duplex grinder pump station, 700 lf of low pressure force main, 60 services, 22 manholes, 3 PennDOT crossing bores, and restoration.

West Carroll Water Distribution System

Located in Cambria County in southwestern Pennsylvania, this project includes 30,000 LF of 4" and 6" ductile iron waterline, horizontal boring, service connections, fire hydrants, soil erosion control and all restoration.

Reynolds Run Road Bridge

Located in the hills of Warren County, this 63 foot prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge is replacing an old wooden bridge and is being installed by Chivers Construction with Superpave Asphalt Mixture Designs. Also included in this project are the concrete approach slabs, drainage, delineation and guiderail.

Route 6 Bridge over Paden Creek

Located just outside of Pymatuning State Park, this pre-stressed concrete adjacent box beam bridge is replacing the existing structure, and includes new asphalt roadways, signage, delineation, guiderail and drainage.

Pittsburgh Avenue & West 15th Street Water Main

Chivers Construction is currently installing 3,800 lf of 12" water main, including fire hydrants, valves, fittings, services, and restoration along Pittsburgh Avenue and West 15th Street in Erie, PA.

Mahoning Township Sewer Project

Located throughout Mahoning Township, this project consists of the construction of 65,000 LF gravity sewer, 15,000 LF low pressure sewer, 18,000 LF force main, 9,800 LF laterals, and 300 sanitary manholes.

Sheffield Sewer Treatment Plant

Chivers is currently upgrading the existing sewage treatment plant in Sheffield to a SBR type system with a capacity of 660,000 GPD, including a temporary treatment sequence in order to maintain continuous operation throughout the project.

Albion Wastewater Treatment Plant

The scope of this project includes the construction of a new rotating biological contactor, sludge pump building, secondary clarifier, effluent pump building, earthen levee, storm water pump station, restoration and renovations to existing treatment units.

Connect Jamestown Sewage to Sewer Authority

Pymatuning State Park is one of the largest state parks in Pennsylvania and has more campsites than any of the other state parks. Chivers Construction is helping to serve this area with the installation of a new sewage lift station including the pumping equipment and controls and approximately 8,500 feet of HDPE sewer force main. This project also includes the demolition of the existing sewage treatment plant.

Springboro Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

This project includes the installation of a 240,000 gallon overflow tank, overflow pumping system, concrete headworks channel, precast chlorine contact tanks, air blowers, piping and electrical work, as well as painting the three existing steel tanks.

State Street Bridge over Canal Basin

At the foot of State Street in Erie is Dobbins Landing, featuring the Bicentennial Tower. Chivers Construction is installing a new 50 ft. bridge with soldier pile wall leading out to the docks. This includes new approach roadways using Superpave Asphalt Mixture Designs, ADA concrete curb ramps, drainage, pavement markings, signing, and adjustments to the existing utilities.

Sidehill Road Bridge

Construction of this reinforced concrete precast arch bridge spanning over 38 feet includes the removal of the existing structure, minor improvements to roadways, guiderail, drainage, and delineation. This project is located in North East Township.

Bridge over Blue Jay Creek

Located in Forest County, this project is replacing an existing bridge with an 85 ft. pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge. In addition to the demolition and removal of the old bridge, Chivers is responsible for the concrete work and roadway approaches, drainage, signs, and new guiderail.

Garfield Avenue Collection System

This project, located in Harborcreek, PA, includes the installation of a new sewerage collection system, sewage forcemain and all site restoration to this residential area.

Liberty Park Fishing Area

Work at this popular fishing site on Erie's bayfront includes the construction of approximately 346 feet of steel sheet pile wall, a set of lake access stairways, and concrete slab walkways for ease of access.

Jordan Road & Koehler Road Water Main

Chivers Construction installed approximately 13,000 lf of 12" ductile iron water main along Jordan Road and Koehler Road throughout the townships of Harborcreek, Green and Millcreek. This installation included valves, fittings, fire hydrants, services and all restoration.

Route 30 Sanitary Sewer Project

Located in Findlay Township, this project extended sanitary sewer service to residents along Route 30 near Potato Garden Road. The project consisted of approximately 13,900 feet of pipe, 181 manholes, and all restoration.

Erie WWTP Aeration Channel Improvements

This project provides a new, watertight, concrete bulkhead in the aeration tank nos. 4 and 5 step feed channel, and removes the existing metallic bulkhead and decommissions the existing step feed piping to all five aeration tanks.

Linesville Sewer Treatment Plant

Included in this project is the construction of a 360,000 gpd sequencing batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant with lift station, aeration/treatment tanks, sludge dewatering system, disinfection system, chemical feed systems, operations building, site piping, electrical system and improvements.

Linesville Sewage Lift Stations

This project includes the construction of four lift stations with excavation, backfill, pre-cast concrete wet wells, valve pits and manholes, piping, submersible sewage pumps, metering equipment, electrical service, start-up, and demolition of an existing sewage treatment plant and lift station and all restoration.

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